The plan is just to be.

It’s almost 10 years ago but I remember that day I first hiked on Kalalau trail during heavy rain along the slender coustline of the Napali Coast like it was yesterday. After 10 hours of hiking I was totally wet, tired and hungry. So I asked our local tourguide what’s the plan now?  She just said: “We are at Kalalau – The plan is just to be!” That changed everything for me. Realizing that the whole life is just about being, about living every present moment to the fullest, was life-changing for me.

Anywhere Aloha

Kalalau Beach - where the plan is just to be.

good friends, good vibes

It was the spirit of Aloha, local friends, good vibes and magic moments that made me come to Hawaii from the onther side of the word almost 10 times in a row. The time on the Hawaiian Islands changed my point of view,  grounded me to nature again and always recharged my life-batteries.


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