European Craft & Hawaiian Spirit

What happens when a European artisan winemaker falls in love with the tropical beauty of the Hawaiian islands?
He goes home and makes a wine that captures the essence of the Hawaiian spirit.
A dream come true driven by an inner vision.

Austrian Grapes & Aloha Vibes

Georg Dujmovits is passionate about the Hawaiian islands and making wine. Grapes&Vibes is a dream come true, driven by a vision of Austrian grapes & Hawaiian aloha. His artistic signature on the aloha spirit inspires the creation of the Grapes&Vibes wine collection.

Fine wine meets aloha.

Our Unique Approach to Winemaking

A drop of nostalgia, a drop of wanderlust. This is my wine philosophy. It begins with a tropical memory — a scent, a taste, an adventure — which inspires me to make a wine that evokes the dreamlike paradise of Hawai’i. Each island possesses its own unique beauty – enticing and waiting to be explored in this unique collection of wines.

Island spirit in a glass.

Fine Wines, handmade in Europe, inspired by Hawaii

Aloha means love, spreading joy and community. Combining European craftsman-ship and Hawaiian aloha creates a unique product that awakens a taste for adventure and a cool, laid-back attitude toward life. No need to wait for vacation – the Grapes&Vibes wine collection have the island spirit in every glass.

Missing the Island Spirit yourself?

Just pour yourself a glass of island spirit and chill.